Blockchain-powered CopyrightBank continues its customer acquisition growth

CopyrightBank on target to acquire 1000 customers within its first 12 months of operation.

Melbourne, Australia – November, 2018

Launched in June 2018, CopyrightBank is a Copyright Registration and Verification platform for digital works built on the NEM blockchain and developed by Asta Emerging Tech Consulting (ETC).

In just its first 6 months of operation, CopyrightBank has received registrations from almost 800 global customers. This growth confirms CEO and Founder David Oh’s assertion that “there needs to be a better way for content creators to simply and effectively register their copyrights in order to prove ownership, and this is exactly what we’re providing with CopyrightBank.”

Copyright works are digitally-fingerprinted, timestamped and registered on the blockchain as Proof of Existence and Proof of Possession. This means, once data has been written to a blockchain, it is virtually impossible for anyone to tamper with it. 

Recently, a court in China ruled that blockchain evidence was acceptable in a copyright infringement claim. This is a landmark decision that validates CopyrightBank’s solution in utilizing the blockchain as a means of preserving Intellectual Property proof.

Any digital work can be registered on CopyrightBank. Users can simply create a free account on CopyrightBank, upload their digital work, get timestamped and registered on the blockchain to receive a certificate of registration.  

This includes videos, literary creations, films, sound recordings, lyrics, photographs, software and artworks, among others. It only costs US$1 per registration and there is no file size limit.

Visit to setup your free account.

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