Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an integration of technologies that enable businesses to process vast volumes of data and implement machine learning solutions for a wide array of industries. From machine learning to natural language processing—that allows machines to sense, comprehend, act and learn

AI Applications

From process and cost efficiency solutions in the manufacturing sector, improved decision making, enhanced customer engagement to targeted ad solutions AI and machine based learning initiatives have an application

Here are some examples to consider:

Production line and workflows

For an optimised workflow

Production workflow

Discover any unproductive workflow patterns and determine what your most optimised workflow route is.

Decision Making

Make use of your data to help machines and people decide real-time what’s the next best step to take.

Problem Detection

Identify issues in the early production phase and find out what the root cause is.

Customer data and behaviour

Gain a competitive advantage

Sentiment analysis

Discover why customers like or dislike your brand or product by analysing language and terminology on particular key words linked to your business.  Allowing you to quickly detect a problem or capitalise on positive feedback.

Trend analysis and prediction

Ability to analyse vast amount of text comments published within social media, review sites and in online publications enabling the ability to predict relevant consumer trends.

Customer Responsiveness

Use text analytics to route specific requests to the applicable department within your organisation.

Advertising placement

Delivering an engaged user base

AI is integral across the advertiser value chain in ensuring the right customers are reached at the right time with the right offer.

Within the digital advertising industry utilising AI technology is all about maximising advertiser ROI by delivering targeted ads to a highly engaged user base.

The power of AI delivers a set predefined rules, ensuring consumers are only served relevant and highly targeted advertisements.  This enables an advertiser and publisher to connect with its user base by serving relevant ad based on a customer’s interests, demographics, and purchase traits.