Copyright Bank

Blockchain powered copyright registration and verification platform for digital works.

  • Interface to NEM public Blockchain for copyrighting and registration.
  • Subscription based mobile application module backed to private chain storage for costless batch transaction processing.
  • Web API to accommodate future development for full mobile implementation.
  • Standalone Angular front end for a high performance & high availability web application built on best-of-breed AWS infrastructure.

Watermelonblock ico

Cryptocurrency powered capital raising microsite.

  • Know-your-customer system integrated ICO platform capturing investor signup and application process.
  • Multi blockchain (BTC, ETH, NEM) transaction monitoring and validation.
  • Daily signup and transaction reporting and alerting.
  • High performance standalone Angular front end application backed to high security backend API.
  • Built upon auto-scaling and load balanced AWS orchestrated container infrastructure will full dynamic scaling and automated testing and deployment.
  • Custom design with key focus on user experience.

Day by Day

Insurance Reimagined

  • DBD promotes the cataloguing and registering of user assets and valuables, allowing its members to easily prove ownership of their items, enabling claims to be resolved quickly.
  • Members will be rewarded with DBD rewards tokens for registering their data and making it available for direct marketing.
  • Facilitating and driving new product innovation with insurance providers to offer dynamic adjusted policies, providing insurance on the go or on a ‘day by day’ basis.


Blockchain backed supply chain, provenance and payment settlement platform

  • Industry supported and government funded project to address counterfeiting and transport security of Australian export beef to the global market.
  • Geo tracking and IOT device integration for provenance surety.
  • Smart contract driven export contracts and friction less B2B payments.
  • Mobile app with blockchain based payment settlement for Chinese consumer market.
  • Smart secure packaging using QR codes and IOT technology.