Copyright Bank

Blockchain powered copyright registration and verification platform for digital works.

  • Interface to NEM public Blockchain for copyrighting and registration.
  • Subscription based mobile application module backed to private chain storage for costless batch transaction processing.
  • Web API to accommodate future development for full mobile implementation.
  • Standalone Angular front end for a high performance & high availability web application built on best-of-breed AWS infrastructure.

Watermelonblock ico

Cryptocurrency powered capital raising microsite.

  • Know-your-customer system integrated ICO platform capturing investor signup and application process.
  • Multi blockchain (BTC, ETH, NEM) transaction monitoring and validation.
  • Daily signup and transaction reporting and alerting.
  • High performance standalone Angular front end application backed to high security backend API.
  • Built upon auto-scaling and load balanced AWS orchestrated container infrastructure will full dynamic scaling and automated testing and deployment.
  • Custom design with key focus on user experience.

Day by Day

Insurance Reimagined

  • DBD promotes the cataloguing and registering of user assets and valuables, allowing its members to easily prove ownership of their items, enabling claims to be resolved quickly.
  • Members will be rewarded with DBD rewards tokens for registering their data and making it available for direct marketing.
  • Facilitating and driving new product innovation with insurance providers to offer dynamic adjusted policies, providing insurance on the go or on a ‘day by day’ basis.


Blockchain backed supply chain, provenance and payment settlement platform

  • Industry supported and government funded project to address counterfeiting and transport security of Australian export beef to the global market.
  • Geo tracking and IOT device integration for provenance surety.
  • Smart contract driven export contracts and friction less B2B payments.
  • Mobile app with blockchain based payment settlement for Chinese consumer market.
  • Smart secure packaging using QR codes and IOT technology.


Trade Crypto for precious metals

  • Metex metal tokens are full reserve tokens 100 % backed 1:1 by their physical counterparts in secure vaults
  • 1 Gram lots allows smaller retail investors to have exposure to metals. Build wealth 1 gram a time
  • Digital exposure to the value of precious metals without drawbacks of physical ownership such as storage, insurance, transportation and security
  • Metex is a dedicated platform which facilitates transactions in gold, silver, platinum and palladium, providing settlement in both Fiat currencies and digital currencies BTC, ETH and USDT
  • A global marketplace for global metals exchange with more transparency and less friction


Neo Preemo is using the Blockchain to allow contemporary artists to mint and sell their NFTs. It also allows collectors to buy and sell on the secondary marketplace.

  • Users can buy contemporary CryptoArt on the blockchain
  • Ethereum-based digital assets.
  • Artist owned and operated unlike large NFT marketplaces which take a large cut of artist revenue from NFT sales and secondary sales.
  • Secondary Marketplace for reselling NFTs so value for reselling can continue to support the artist.
  • Carbon neutral platform.