Case Study

Neo Preemo

Neo Preemo is a curated, artist-run CryptoArt platform. Their selected artists have established careers and distinct visions, driven to create works of cultural resonance.
With decades of experience in fine art, street art, and design, Neo Preemo’s founders tailor this knowledge for the cryptosphere, ensuring the platform delivers artistic quality and lasting value to collectors.
Proudly carbon neutral, Neo Preemo connects the art world with the CryptoArt marketplace, and always keeps it fresh.

Key Features

  • Users can buy contemporary CryptoArt on the blockchain.
  • Ethereum-based digital assets.
  • Artist owned and operated unlike large NFT marketplaces which take a large cut of artist revenue from NFT sales and secondary sales.
  • Secondary Marketplace for reselling NFTs so value for reselling can continue to support the artist.
  • Carbon neutral platform.