Case Study

Day By Day (DBD)

The insurance landscape can be mystifying. From cars and credit, to sport and home contents, it is often a challenging and conflicting world that many have little control over. Enter Day-by-Day (DBD), the brainchild of Co-Founders Chris Moore, Bill Angelidis and Vange Sirianos

With a collective drive and shared vision, along with CEO Vange Sirianos and his core team, this think-tank has paved a path towards reimagining insurance and building more genuine control into the hands of the users.

It is an exciting time ahead! We welcome you on-board this promising venture, which will certainly help shape insurance into a friendlier atmosphere, one that is sustainable and rewarding for all.

The Opportunity

The insurance industry is positioned as a ‘must-have’ product It remains one of the most lucrative industries in the world.

  • In 2016, on average, every single person in the world spent USD $638 on insurance premiums.
  • Global direct insurance premium markets totaled USD $4.6 trillion.
  • Accounted for 6.3% of global GDP.
  • Emerging markets such as China were the main source of 3.1% year-on-year global growth.

The Problem

The market size is undoubtedly impressive. However when it comes to customer solutions, it is possibly the most archaic of industries.

  • More power and control over how they use insurance.
  • New products that actually meet their needs.
  • More advanced ways of purchasing.
  • More advanced ways of purchasing.
  • Less paperwork, more personal interaction.
  • Rewards for their purchase and use of their data.

What is DBD

DBD is an asset registry management solution built on the blockchain, targeting the insurance industry. Its aims to help its members catalogue and register their assets and valuables so that when they need to make a claim they are able to easily prove ownership. DBD also partners with insurance companies, to drive new product solutions by connecting insurance seekers with insurance providers.

The DBD Value Proposition

DBD will create a unique global model that connects members with insurance providers across a wide range of offerings. Allowing members to safely and securely catalogue and register their assets and valuables that empowers and rewards the customer.

What Makes DBD Unique

Asset Registration

DBD promotes the cataloguing and registering of user assets and valuables, allowing its members to easily prove ownership of their items, enabling claims to be resolved quickly.

Member Rewards

Members will be rewarded with DBD tokens for registering their data and making it available for direct marketing.


Facilitating and driving new product innovation with insurance providers to offer dynamic adjusted policies, providing insurance on the go or on a ‘day by day’ basis.


Delivers an insurance marketplace, where customers can be connected with insurance providers for real time quotes.