Case Study


CopyrightBank is a Copyright Registration and Verification platform for digital works powered by blockchain technology. Copyright works are digitally-fingerprinted, timestamped and registered on the blockchain as Proof of Existence and Proof of Possession.   This means, once data has been written to a blockchain no one, not even a system administrator, can change it.

The platform, developed by Asta, enables books, music, photographs, artworks, films, computer programs, databases and other creative works to be digitally fingerprinted on the blockchain as a way to verify ownership — with a launch price of only US$1 per work.

Users can simply register for a free account on CopyrightBank, upload their digital work, get timestamped and registered on the blockchain to receive a certificate of registration.

“As a society, we’re creating more content than ever. Digital content in particular is exceedingly easy to create; anyone with a smartphone is a potential photographer, film-maker or music producer. But the legal protections for content creators haven’t moved with the times accordingly. There needs to be a way for content creators to simply and effectively register their copyrights in order to prove ownership, and this is exactly what we’re providing with CopyrightBank”

David Oh

CEO and Founder of CopyrightBank

Key Features

  • Custom built backend crypto wallet implementation
  • Interface to NEM public Blockchain with future development to include private chain integration
  • Web API to accommodate future development for full mobile implementation
  • Standalone Angular front end for a high performance web application
  • Responsive custom design
  • Security focused design and infrastructure
  • It only costs US$1 per registration and there is no file size limit