Building the future

Asta Emerging Tech Consulting (ETC) is an initiative by Asta, one of Australia’s leading end to end IT solution providers.  It was established for the simple reason that we are dedicated to Blockchain technology.We believe that we all should get acquainted with this technology or risk being left out of one of the most significant developments in network applications ever created. ETC will work with you to understand your business model and advise you on the Blockchain possibilities and benefits. Our team can take you from ideation, design and all the way to product development.

Our Successful Initiatives:


A copyright registration and verification platform for digital works powered by Blockchain.

Beef Leadger

An integrated provenance, blockchain security and payments platform for the meat supply chain.

Day By Day (DBD)

An asset registry management solution built on the blockchain, targeting the insurance industry.


Leverages big data and AI to deliver reliable, unbiased market insights to those seeking a better understanding on a cryptocurrency, ICO or blockchain project.


An online transaction platform that facilitates cryptocurrency payments for goods and services.

Blockchain has outstanding potential for leading the technological innovation in many parts of the economy through its diverse application.  Its decentralized nature, delivers high economic benefits as it reduces setup and maintenance costs.  Developments are currently underway across a range of business process initiatives such as cyber security, health information sharing, automotive ownership, voting in elections and international trade.

Our Case Studies

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